Published On: Sun, Aug 7th, 2011

Social Media Revolt Against Government Raids on Raw Milk

Join Social media revolt against government raids on raw milk

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Against US Raids

On Raw Milk

Based on an article from Naturalnews

(Healingtalks) With the Weston A. Price Foundation and the makers of the Farmageddon movie (, NaturalNews and others are spearheading an online social media revolt against the FDA’s attacks on raw milk and raw dairy farms. You can join in this revolution by tweeting the hash mark terms #rawesome and #Farmageddonas you post links to the stories, interviews and videos surrounding this case.

FDA War On Farmers

The term “Farmageddon” refers to the Farmageddon movie, which documents much of the current assaults on farms and food producers by the U.S. federal government. The FDA, in particular, is now waging all-out war against farmers and raw dairy producers, spending millions of dollars on secret investigations, armed raids and the prosecution of “criminals” (raw dairy farmers).

The #rawesome term refers to the recent armed raids on Rawesome Foods, conducted by the FDA, CDC and LA County Sheriff’s office, which saw government thugs pouring raw milk down the drain, destroying cheese, confiscating watermelons and mangos, then arresting and charging the owner with felony crimes. (…)

A nearby farm was also raided at gunpoint. A representative of the Weston A. Price Foundation was also arrested and charged with conspiracy for plotting to promote unpasteurized milk.

Join the Revolution

Please join in the online social media outrage against the government terrorists who are destroying our food, destroying our freedoms and declaring war on farmers and food sellers! Again, Tweet the following hash mark terms: #rawesome and #farmageddon as you link to the stories, interviews, videos and other elements of this campaign.

Resources to Link to:





(August 4 show)





Weston A. Price Foundation:

California Real Milk Association:

Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund

NaturalNews (providing breaking news coverage of this whole story)

InfoWars (providing big coverage of this story)


Troy Casey apologies if I’ve left anyone out. This is a group effort and NaturalNews is happy to promote anyone covering this. Please call us at 520-232-9300 if you have important videos or news stories on this topic and we’ll help promote you, too.)

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