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Ten ways Big Ag & buddies are killing Mother Earth | Healing Talks

Ten ways Big Ag & buddies are killing Mother Earth

mother earth dying
Conventional farming uses genetically-messed up seeds growing in depleted soils with toxic chemicals added to the mix.

This undermines our own health and that of the planet.

Roots of the “culture of death”

This is part of what Dr. Gabriel Cousens calls a “culture of death“. It is based on a universally death-centered vision of nature, the mechanical.

What is this mechanical vision?

It is the mathematical.


Machines, modeling mechanicality, are made of separate parts.

Mathematics’ essence is to abstract how to separate all elements of consciousness. This vision has some benefits in superficial applications, including the design of machines and the navigation thereof.

nuclear bombsDeath-centered vision driven too deeply

It is false because one cannot possibly connect a vision optimally using universal abstractions of separation. Newton, Galileo, Descartes and  modern chemists and physicists have not realized this. The vision too universally and deeply applies, falls apart. It expertly builds atomic weapons and much more that is dis-integrative.

Secondly, imagine  at the core of life is consciousness and that consciousness is “the universal relationship of connection in nature,” and that this lives in the inner core of nature.

Therefore when the mechanical, surface, math-based (money-connecting) vision is driven too deeply into nature and our lives, it slowly and then in an accelerated way begins to show its dis-integrate abilities – and everywhere – or affecting nature, society, our health, our psyche and ultimately the integrity of our consciousness. Modern living then begins to kill what is most connected, conscious and alive.

Ten ways this manifest

Here are some major ways, and not all-inclusive, that our modern culture inflicts lethal harm.:

  • Polluting our air  – releasing toxic gases into the atmosphere, especially CO2, Methane, Nitrous Oxide
  • Polluting our soils – adding toxic pesticides, herbicides, and synthetic fertilizers to our soil.
  • Destroying wetlands -  making them lifeless.
  • Poisoning water – including private wells and municipal drinking water, lakes,  streams and rivers
  • Devastating the life that grows in soil – Chopping down rainforests for monocultured, pesticide-ridden GMO crops, biofuels and cattle grazing, and asphalt roads.
  • Create industrial  “phude” – and at increased cost while reducing or eliminating real nutrition.
  • Creating franken-organisms – pesticide/herbicide-resistant superbugs, weeds, and resistant bacteria and viruses.
  • Creating disease epidemics - of cancer, diabetes, arthritis Altzheimer’s, autism and much more.
  • Suppressing alternative, renewable energy – in favor of nuclear energy, toxic gas fracking, and coal production.
  • Stealing wealth from the 99% to give to the abusive 1%.

toxic air pollution

Stop the madness

To stop this unconscious and global madness, we can step outside the 17th century death-centered vision.

We can go organic – both from deep within as well as in how we live our lives physically.

Or we can continue to follow the very opposite option, living our lives in a  “World According to Monsanto, as well as Newton, Descartes, and the Federal Reserve Board ” as a recipe for disaster. Or we can gullibly believe in a “better world through chemistry.”

Monsanto, Big Pharma and Big Ag all contaminate what is every possible nook and cranny in our food chains, along with all the cells of our bodies. This can only happen by universalizing separative consciousness and its premier worldview.

This wholesale and inevitably threatens the foundations of life itself on Earth.

This includes our nutrient-rich and alive soils, our pure water, resilient crops, clean air, healthy animals, stable climates, and diverse bio-food sources. We threaten human sustainability.

Great news

The great news is that with a saner, more rational inner vision (and derivatively evolving organic ways of living)  we can, will and must reverse modern psychoses – the threats not only to ourselves but to all future generation of life.

Thus we can and will turn things around.

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