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March against Monsanto and for Sanity and Ethics | Healing Talks

March against Monsanto & for Sanity and Ethics

Monsanto killing millions

(Healingtalks) A total of 428 cities in 38 countries (including our hometown Oneonta NY) saw the largest march ever against any corporation. Yet the local, national and international major media kowtowing to cross-linked interests, made virtually no mention. For those protesting, it was an opportunity to inform, inspire, and make a statement to others.

The Why of Marching Against Monsanto?

As Mike Adams of Natural News put it succinctly, Monsanto’s “business model depends on poisoning the citizens of the planet, destroying the agricultural ecosystem, monopolizing the seed supply and hiring online character assassins to attack anyone who opposes its agenda.” What has made it urgent to protest is that they and their allies have been putting their plan into action so rapidly, in fact, threatening us and surrounding nature. We would only hope that their plan will as rapidly and forever implode.

The Urgency for Protesting Against Monsanto?

Back when I was growing up, the greatest threat to humanity were the attempts to take global control through the marching of armies – of Hitler, Mao, Stalin and the like.  Nowadays there may be an even great threat at the hands of those few individuals and companies trying to gain a strangling control the international food supply, and via the control of seeds – the ultimate sources for the propagation of life. Monsanto has already bought out organic seed companies, destroying their seeds stocks. For example, in 2005 Monsanto bought out Seminis, gaining, in one fell swoop, control of 40% of the US vegetable seed market and 20% of the world market. Many of these seeds are considered organic. Monsanto already controls the genetics for 85% of all peppers 75% of tomatoes, and 55% of lettuce in the US. Some sixty US seed companies, most of the major players, are directly or indirectly owned or used as channels to sell Monsanto controlled seeds.

Monsanto further has cross-licensing agreements with the five other major GMO seed producing firms, DuPont, Syngenta, Dow, Bayer, and BASF. Together they own 58% of the entire global seed market and 70% of the global agricultural seed market. This concentration has tripled since 2002. If the newly proposed merger of Monsanto and Syngenta takes place, the Monsanto behemoth, already the world’s largest seed owner, will own 36% of the global seed market. Currently it owns 27%.

Monsanto, originators of DDT and Agent Orange, has become the most significant source of toxic pesticide pollution worldwide, and with confirmed carcinogenic effects. Concurrently, butterflies and bees are disappearing in our environment.

Back in the year 2000, ahead of the curve, I predicted such dangers were looming with 50 Harmful Effects of Genetically Modified Foods. That work has since been read by about 2 million people but not enough. The essential problem is ideological – the deep driving of the 17th century’s mechanical vision, the Galilean-Cartesian-Newtonian, and into the heart, the core of life in nature. At such depths, this vision’s functioning is anathema, conflictual and destructive.  Thus I prefer not to principally promote  the labeling of GMO foods (as if selling labelled GMos was ethical) but rather to advocate they be made illegal. This means any alteration of the genetic heritage of life on Earth should be considered a violence against life, a criminal act – like other forms of harming or killing life.

But that, again, means challenging the 17th century-born vision which allowed for a deeply entrenched marriage of the mechanical arts and commerce, of the money making process applied to the heart and soul of nature.

Can Monsanto Obliterate the Natural Health and Organics Movements?

Back in the 1950’s I was living in New Jersey and there was only one “health food store” in that state, near the train station in Newark. It was an organic herbal shop and I was keenly aware of this since my mom was considering buying it.

If Monsanto and its allies succeed in gaining a stranglehold on purchases, research and regulations and to control virtually all of the global seed market (the Big Ten already own 3/4rds), our modern health food movements, exploding  since the 1950’s, may be in for unprecedented trouble.

In but another generation and very quickly, health foods stores, unfortunately I must predict, could possibly cease to exist if Monsanto and its allies actually have their way. All that has to happen is that Monsanto and its allies begin to exclusively sell their patented, tampered with, bioengineered seeds, destroying the competing organic ones they monopolistically control, and otherwise fostering laws to make it impossible  to legally grow organic, non-engineered seeds.

Monsanto has already sued countless farmers over issues involving the planting of non-Gmo seeds in the US and worldwide. It has suppressed contrary research indicating the dangers of its technology. It has systematically deceived political forces, our media, and the public.

The next few decades will determine the commutative effect of this thrust on our collective fate.

We still have time to fight and stop this massive and evil danger.

We cannot stay silent or be passive, not if you care deeply both about our health and the future of life on the planet.

To participate in future protests, get on the mailing list of the Organic Consumer Association.

For further information on the global protest, see the following websites:

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Author – Nathan Batalion www.healingtalks.com/about

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