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george green

Ex Member of

Global Elite

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(Healingtalks) For many years George Green has been predicting a global economic collapse, and it has been pre-planned by an exclusive elite that controls our international banking system. Our Federal Reserve System is part of that larger paper-debt-creating private banking system that tries to control the rest of us. The plan is to tax advantage of the collapse and thereby to seize more assets from the poor and the middle class.B

But economic collapse is not the only agenda. There is also one of population control  and the creation of a docile remaining public through controlled media. Heavily promoted vaccines with infertility agents, well-documented,  is an example of the more nefarious parts of the overall strategy of the elite.

For more articles on George Green’s predictions, see http://www.cmn.tv/?s=George+Green&x=0&y=0









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