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Occupy Modern Medical Establishment The Time Is Now | Healing Talks

Occupy Modern Medical Establishment The Time Is Now


Occupy Modern

Medical Establishment  -

The Time Is Now

By Nathan Batalion, Global Health Activist, Healingtalks Editor

(Healingtalks) Put the absolute most toxic substances known into our bodies to supposedly heal!


If intentional, it is a criminal ploy.

But it isn’t called criminal if you can buy off politicians, the media and other powers to be in support of whatever you do, and to make billions in the process for the 1% that rules.

That is the game vulture-like drug companies play, with doctors indoctrinated to become field salespersons for pharmaceutical “disease-care,” not real healthcare. Doctors also make the rounds to prescribe drugs, not to teach lifestyle changes.

Treating chemical-caused illnesses, like cancer, with chemicals also gives Big Pharm the opportunity to ideologically deny (and deceive others to believe) that such chemicals are not the problem but the cure.

No Such Thing Really as a Side-Effect

As part of the revolution, can everyone PLEASE AND FOREVER stop using the phrase ‘side-effects.’

This phase is nothing but propaganda that feeds the corrupt system. It is about getting people not to face the truth that harmful effects of drugs, often fatal, are significant main effects.

Time to Stop the Medical Lies

It is time to say enough to all the lies, the systemically fraudulent science, the bought-out regulators and politicians, the Big-Pharma funded medical school, the whole rigged system.

Just about every major chronic disease in America is now epidemic because modern medicine is in shambles. It is corrupt, corrupted, and dysfunctional. The system itself is diseased. It is not about curing ills but treating them for a profit/

It is a system that keeps us ill.

Also, and except in rare accidental situations, surgery is not a healing modality because it cuts the body apart and healing is connection to wholeness. Radiation is not a healing modality, it is one of the most harmful means to poison our bodies. So stop the lies.

Medical Statistics Don’t Lie

  • At least half of all Americans suffer from a chronic disease profitably treated, maintained and not cured by modern medicine
  • 25% of children and teenagers suffer likewise from chronic ills, and that this figure has skyrocketed
  • Between a third to 40% of Americans will have cancer in their lifetime
  •  Up to 90% of chemotherapy treatments fail, but that does not stop the insanity
  •  A quarter of Americans suffer from mental illness and are treated with psychotropic drugs
  • Nearly half of all Americans will be diagnosed with a mental illness in their lifetime, that Alzheimer’s epidemic is the fastest growing.
  • Approximately 2 million Americans have adverse drug reactions each year, and deaths caused by such reactions outnumber the deaths by car accidents?
  • Cardiovascular, diabetes and obesity rates, asthma and arthritis rates all are out of control

What does Modern Medicine Do to Counter the Cause?

Modern medicine is not into stopping the processed and polluted food industry. They are not into going organic or helping to promote organic farming and living. They do not want to eliminate chemicals from our environment but rather to put them in every more deeply and pervasively.

Modern medicine served the very same foods that harm, including genetically modified, in most hospitals around the country – and as financial interests of Monsanto, Big Pharm and all of  Big Food Corps overlap.   Even their corrupt lobbyists overlap.

What Does Modern Medicine Do When Real Cures Are Found?

The examples are now countless of how modern medicine suppresses information and research about real cures.  It begins destructive media campaigns, bought by big dollars. It works to de-license doctors who discover or dare to practice natural cures. The fact is that the so-called incurable diseases of our time are all curable – as has long been demonstrated by notable doctors and natural therapists – like Drs. Gerson, Cousens, and Ornish – among many others.

My dad had diabetes for 50 years and took the standard insulin treatment of modern medicine that made him legally blind. All the while, diabetes can be reversed in as little as thirty days using natural therapies, but the information is shut out from the corporate controlled media.

It is overdue to stop this gross and criminal medical abuse of the 99% solely to benefit the 1%

Where to Start to Occupy Modern Medicine Revolution?

We could start at the Anderson Center in Houston, or at Sloan-Kettering in New York City, or at John Hopkins in Baltimore or at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota – among the most severely money-corrupted medical citadels of our planet? Or the headquarters of the FDA, the CDC?  Multi-million $ mansion homes of celebrity MDs?

Take your pick.

Or maybe in your home town at a major clinic or hospital?

Have you been maimed or otherwise harmed by modern medicine? Or a close family member? We cannot remain passive when so many millions in America and billions around the world are harmed.

To sit idle is to give in to a disease-care system that is in shambles.

If we do sit idle, we are part of the problem. The alternative is that we take responsibility for making a change.

All-in-all, the madness needs to stop.

The 99% need to win over the 1% that is harming us and our planet.


Death by Medicine by Gary Null

Confessions of a Medical Heretic By Robert S. Mendelsohn, MD


See the Video of Dr. Mercola: Death by Medicine

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  1. mark says:

    we need a natural cure movement like the tea party that focus on real cures and non evasive healing technologies.

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