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Halloween Spooky: Vaccine study shows influenza vaccines prevent flu in only 1.5% of adults (not 60% as told) | Healing Talks

Halloween Spooky: Vaccine study shows influenza vaccines prevent flu in only 1.5% of adults (not 60% as told)


influenza vaccines prevent flu

Halloween Special

Shock vaccine study: 

influenza vaccines prevent flu in only 1.5% of adults

(not 60% as told)

Nathan Batalion, Global Health Activist, Healingtalks Editor

(Healingtalks) This article is about something quite scary to mention, unless everyone was aware of the vast corruption of consciousness in modern mega-$-generating medicine – what is so systemic.

A recent study published in Lancet shows that their very best and contrived, manipulated, industry-supporting study only could show that influenza vaccines helped just 1.5% of adults – maybe- and via something almost statistically insignificant. Nevertheless, the  very same study is being broadcast throughout mainstream media  as proof that “flu vaccines are 60% effective!”  Supposedly this was a disappointment because the previous claims were for 70-90% effectiveness. See references for such false and widespread industry reporting at the end of this article. So what else is new. The unbridled manipulation of truth is commonplace but remains VERY VERY SCARY indeed.

Flu vaccine stops influenza for just and only 1.5%…..maybe!

In this study the control group of adults consisted of about 13,000 non-vaccinated adults.

Only 2.7% of these caught the flu.

The treatment group were vaccinated with  trivalent inactivated influenza vaccine.

1.2% of them did not catch the flu.

The difference is, using simple math, just 1.5%

Statistical Games

But if you take the 2.7% in the control group and you divide that into the 1.2% in the treatment group, this gives you 0.43 and implies a “57% decrease” in influenza infections. The overall “60% effectiveness” being claimed for this study is thus a statistical hoax and sham. Actually 1.5% of the patients had any incrementally positive response, and even that is disputable.  So when the media (or your doctor) says these vaccines are “60% effective,” what they don’t tell you  is that when you inject 100 adults the result is that only  1.5 of them somehow avoid the flu and it has no positive impact on the rest, or 98.5% of the time and for the general population.

Any harmed by influenza shots, mammograms and chemotherapy? A similar story of a devilish manipulation of truth

Harmful effects are also not the focus, almost never, of such product-marketing, pro-industry studies, funded by Big-Pharma supporting groups to make their bankrupt case.So if we guess, for example, that 7.5% show long-term neurological side effects – a quite reasonable guess given the vast data we have about such harmful impacts – or 5 times as many hurt as helped – then this would mean we all are 500% more likely to be harmed than healed by submitting to the shot!

The same is true with mammograms that harm approximately 10 women for every 1 they may help (http://www.naturalnews.com/020829.html).

It is the same with chemotherapy with a best, and disputable, track record of helping 3% of those treated and failing with the other 97%. And again the successful cases are disputable. Just because a tumor shrinks doesn’t mean someone is truly healed. Chemotherapy may shrink tumors, receiving ovations, while eventually the patient dies because same toxic and lethal chemo tends to kill most who receive it.

“Cancer survivors” after chemotherapy might better be described as “chemo survivors.”


The rest we may bless with R.I.P.s, may they “rest in peace” having been subjected to the cancer industry’s RIP offs.

Quoth the Raven Never More

According to the same study, 12 out of 100 children were helped. But this data is almost certainly largely falsified in favor of the vaccine industry, as explained below. It ignores frightening harms, including a MAJOR vaccine/autism link.

So if you are thinking of giving your child a flu shot, remember Edgar Allen Poe’s admonition – “Quoth the Raven Never More!


The funding for this abysmal study came from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation whose Vice President for Human Resources and Program Management is Gail Pesyna, a former DuPont executive (working for the second largest GMO firm) and with special expertise in pharmaceuticals and medical diagnostics. (http://www.sloan.org/bio/item/10)

Alred P. Sloan Foundation alsgave a $650,000 grant to fund the creation of a film called “Shots in the Dark: The Wayward Search for an AIDS Vaccine,” (http://www.sloan.org/assets/files/a…) which features a highly pro-vaccine slant.


Control group was often given a vaccine, too

In many of the studies used in this meta analysis, the “control” groups were given so-called “insert” vaccines which may have contained chemical adjuvants and other additives but not attenuated viruses. Why does this matter? Because the adjuvants can cause immune system disorders that make the control group more susceptible to influenza.

Flu vaccines not tested against never-vaccinated healthy children

Testing healthy, non-vaccinated children against vaccinated children is something that is never done. It’s no surprise, therefore, that flu shots were simply not tested against “never vaccinated” children who have avoided flu shots for their entire lives. That would be a real test, huh? But of course you will never see that test conducted because it would make flu shots look laughably useless by comparison.

Influenza vaccines not tested against vitamin D user

Vitamin D prevents influenza at a rate that is 8 times more effective than flu shots (http://www.naturalnews.com/029760_v…).

No long-term studies

Vaccines are considered “effective” if they merely prevent the flu. But what if they also cause a 50% increase in Alzheimer’s two decades later?  There is no desire in the industry to observe and record the actual long-term results of vaccines because the negative results would defeat their marketing purposes.

Lancet is a pro-vaccine mouthpiece funded by the vaccine industry!

Trusting The Lancet to report on the effectiveness of vaccines is foolish. Does anyone really think we’re going to get a truthful report from a medical journal that depends on vaccine company revenues?

Even when pro-vaccine medical journals publish pro-vaccine studies, their best data shows flu vaccines prevent influenza in only 1.5 out of 100 adults!

If these studies were done with no $$ ties to Big Pharma, might they have been worse? You betcha. They would probably show a stark negative efficacy rate, meaning that flu shots cause more influenza cases than they prevent. That’s the more likely reality.

Flu shots do cause incidences. That’s why the people who get sick every winter with the flu are often the very same people who got flu shots to prevent the same! Do your own survey and just ask ‘em yourself this coming winter.

Diabolical Beliefs

Thanks to the vast lies of the industry, most people believe flu shots help them, which can alone account for 1.5% less incidences, the power of the mind – again being statistically insignificant.

So next time you see adults lined up at a pharmacy for their flu shots, know that nearly 99 out of those 100 are wasting their time and money and may be subjecting themselves to considerable long-term neurological damage.

Someday may take on the persona of Frankenstein.

Fraudulent marketing

Given this 1.5% effectiveness, the marketing of flu shots is, according to Mike Adams, one of the most outrageous examples of fraudulent marketing ever witnessed in modern or any society.

Can you imagine a car company selling a car that only worked 1.5% of the time? Or a computer company selling a computer that only worked 1.5% of the time? They would be indicted for fraud!

So why does the vaccine industry get away with this?

This puts flu shots in roughly the same efficacy category as rubbing a rabbit’s foot or wishing really hard. But this is commonly what passes for “science” in a greed hungry industry that most maintain billions of dollars in sales to satisfy stockholders.

Trick or Treat

Getting others to buy something useless and that might  harm is quite a trick, not a treat.

How to pull this off? Just shroud the process under  some “science” jargon and offer prizes to the pharmacy workers who cajole customers to get injected. That’s how its done!

Don’t want to know?

What are flu shots really for? Vaccines are population control technologies, as openly admitted by Bill Gates (http://www.naturalnews.com/029911_v…). They are so cleverly packaged under the fabricated “public health” message that even those who administer vaccines have no idea they are actually engaged in the reduction of human population through vaccine-induced infertility and genetic mutations. Vaccines ultimately have but one purpose: to “weed out” those humans who are stupid enough to fall for vaccine propaganda. For that purpose, they probably are 60% effective after all.


Flu Vaccines — The Mainstream Admits, We Want an Epidemic!

Vaccine Liberation


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Based on an article by Mike Adams, published at naturalnews.com

Infowars interview on the subject:

Our favorite scary speech by Bill Gates:


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