Waking up – Alex Jones synopsizes 10 top alternative news stories of 2011

alex jones

Waking up:

Alex Jones synopsizes

top 10 alternative

news stories of 2011

Actually in the video below Alex covers 10+ of the major alternative news stories of the year.

This is with enlightening details and his incredible investigative reporting and sarcasm. They include:

  • Significance of the Occupy Wall Street movement
  • Details of the Al Quaeda-NATO Alliance
  • Surge of Ron Paul Nationwide
  • Activation of mass FEMA Detention Camps, now openly admitted, and on 72 hour alert
  • Iran War Buildup and how the war can be a cover for martial law
  • Internet censorship bills before Congress, outlawing free speech
  • MF Global heist, stealing 1.2 billion dollars from customer accounts, with no accountability
  • Faking the entrapment and death of Osama Ben Laden, who died years ago of kidney failure
  • NDAA enactment and again an open admission of plans for homeland military occupation of US streets
  • False flag terrorist attacks; with government gun shipments to drug gangs, and to promote gun control laws
  • Fukushima blasts, the coverup of their impact on Japan and the US

Its a lot to digest.

Its a lot to think carefully about in this

must see 2-part video shoot:

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