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German village with 321 percent more renewable energy than it needs – earning mega bucks | Healing Talks
Published On: Wed, Dec 28th, 2011

German village with 321 percent more renewable energy than it needs – earning mega bucks

German village

with 321 percent

more renewable energy

than it needs

- earning mega bucks

Julian Georgiou, Healingtalks Contributing Writer

(Healingtalks)Wildpoldsried  There is German town that now produces 321 percent more energy than it needs and is generating $5.7 million in annual revenue.  Wildpoldsried has achieved a remarkable accomplishment for a modest farming community.

Testament to good government

The landmark year was 1997.  The newly elected Mayor and the village council in Wildpoldsried wanted to build revenue, get rid of debt, and to keep local business humming.  Several goals such as the construction of a new sports hall, theater stage, pub and retirement house were considered in their 30 year plan. However once the community focused on sustainable energy production, it met its goals in far less time.

In May 2011, 14 years later, Mayor Arno Zengerle announced the community’s massive accomplishments. These included:

  • 9 new community eco buildings (including the school, gym and community hall) complete with solar panels
  • 4 biogas digesters with a 5th in construction
  • 7 windmills with2 more on the way
  • 190 private households equipped with solar
  • A district heating network with 42 connections
  • 3 small hydro power plants
  • Ecological flood control
  • A natural wastewater system

Wildpoldsried (pop. <2,600) now produces 321% more energy than it needs. It is generating 4.0 million Euro (US $5.7 million) in annual revenue. The remarkable transformation is a superb testament to how we call can balance our life with the impact on our environment.

renewable energy

Truly Sustainable

In order to became truly sustainable the vision had to encompass all parts of life. The energy consumption of council infrastructure, local business and household would require a collective focus to make a difference. Here are some statistics and achievements by the Bavarian town:

  • Wind – 12.0 MWh/year from five community windmills, Emissions reductions of 12 million kg CO2/year
  • Biogas Energy – Three biogas companies are operating four anaerobic digesters that produce a total of 320,000 kWh/year
  • Natural Wastewater Treatment Plant – A sedimentation tank, a filtration system and clarifier for sludge removal supplies residents with wastewater and helps reduce flooding.
  • Feed in tariffs from solar – Over 190 households in Wildpoldsried have solar panels producing 3300 kWp or nine municipal buildings are producing 390 kWp
  • More rebates for Energy Efficiency – Wildpoldsried will pay new homeowners 15 euro/m2 toward the cost of the land if they construct sustainable homes.

Making a difference

The village Wildpoldsried has taken a vision and achieved astonishing results. As of 2010, CO2 emissions have been reduced by 65 percent, and it aims to reach 125 percent by 2012. The unprecedented success of the town is gaining attention from the Agency for Renewable Energies and other local towns.

Wildpoldsried is not shying away from the limelight. The council is hosting tours to teach other village councils how to start their own “Klimaschutz” program with plans to introduce Eco-Energy Tourism to the region by next year. This is a chance to educate others in: Biogas, solar and windmills, environmental education, renewables education, sustainability and nature. The current targeted emissions reduction for the country is 40 percent by 2020, as set forth in Germany’s Climate Initiative.

In this case Wildpoldsried, and kudos to them, the  ittle village has made a huge accomplishment to go a whole lot farther.

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