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Chemtrails on the Discovery Channel | HealingTalks | Healing Talks
Published On: Wed, Dec 12th, 2012

Chemtrails on the Discovery Channel

Chemtrails on the Discovery Channel

Chemtrails on Discovery / HealingTalks

(HealingTalks) We’ve all seen the long thin trails of cloud that follow planes and other aircraft, but could they be more than just engine exhaust? Contrails, as they are called, are already harmful to the environment, but some believe the United States Government has added chemical and biological agents to these contrails, creating chemtrails.

Contrails and the Environment

Contrails can last for hours and spread across miles. When persistent like this, contrails affect the global environment negatively. After the tragedy of 9/11 halted all air travel for three days, scientists examined what effects contrails have. It was concluded that, without contrails, the difference between the high and low temperatures of a day was significantly greater.

Chemtrail Conspiracy Theory

In 1996, the United States Air Force (USAF) was accused of performing weather modification experiments after unusual contrail patterns were observed. Though the USAF denied this, a paper had been published entitled “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025.” The paper outlined how the weather could be bent to the will of the military. Again, the USAF denied having that intention and that the paper was a hypothetical and fictional publication.

Along with weather modification, it believed that chemtrails are being used to control and reverse global warming. It is also believed that chemtrails create respiratory illnesses and that the government is using them to control population or wage chemical and biological warfare.

Investigation Discovery

The Discovery Channel took a closer look at chemtrails in their program, Investigation Discovery. See below:

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