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This is a continuation of Part I which explains how we relate to all of nature through our culturally-chosen language!

“Two scripts are well attested from before the end of the fourth millennium BCE: Mesopotamian cuneiform and Egyptian hieroglyphs. Both were well known in the part of the Middle East that produced the first widely used alphabet, the Phoenician.” Actually, a very recent discovery of cave writings thought to have been done by the ancient Israelites during their 40-year’s exodus from Egypt predate Phoenician writings. It is now thought that the Israelites developed their alphabet from the Egyptian hieroglyphs, and the Phoenicians copied it. The Greeks are credited with adding vowels (since neither the Hebrew nor Phoenician alphabets had vowels), and the English alphabet was based on the Greek (and later Latin), not the Phoenician. “Most alphabets in the world today either descend directly from this development, for example the Greek and Latin alphabets.”  SOURCE:  http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090112110219AAJkD6o

The Romans also added vowels, just a bit later. This was to give each word in the Bible a more exact, precise meaning. This afforded the Roman Empire more spiritual control over the inner life of the Empire, supporting in their brutal push for dominion via the Crusades. From the Romans’ Latin came the modern Romance languages of Europe.

A further shift to left-brain dominance came about in the 17th century. This happened because of the introduction by Sir Isaac Newton and others of the uniquely math-bound vision of nature – the vision of physics, chemistry and biotechnology. Mathematics represents the highest left-brain integrating symbols – and together construct a penultimate left-brain cosmic view. Why?  This is because math symbols abstracts how to separate all elements of consciousness. The right brain, which should be dominant, see in the opposite way. I learned this in my youth when after being a math prodigy I had a high fever and my left brain shut down. This afforded me the opportunity to personally see the universe in an opposite way!

The industrial, chemical, and biotech revolutions followed the lead of the 17th century, and in  a close marriage with commerce’s likewise quantitative focus. This refers to when we try to make money, no matter what the ultimate consequences are from a holistic view and thus also no matter what the impact on the sustainability of life on earth.

Illusions can be called illnesses of consciousness because they involve a breakdown of the integrity of the inner world – and akin to the way our physical body breakdowns in a diseased state. Cosmic illusions are thus the biggest, most powerful inner ills of all.  They further manifest, when applied, in the wholesale breakdown within, and in turn making a mess of the outer world!

Are we suffering from a grand inner illness that needs healing. I believe so.  Imagine that what this word “consciousness” refers to is really the principle of connection itself in nature, the glue that holds things together. This is not what we learn in physics.  The latter elicits out of nature, the mechanical – guided by math symbols designing machines made of separate parts.

Consciousness, life and healing are all about undoing separation to reconnect what is cut apart – as in the seamless reconnection of a physical cut (such as when our skin heals after being slit).

If we organize thus our whole cosmic view using abstractions of separation, guaranteeing left-brain dominance, I believe we will end up with an ill or schizophrenic civilization as a whole.

That civilization then starts to create, and progressively, a polluting global mess or a non-sustainable environment.

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