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Published On: Wed, Jul 20th, 2011



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Nathan Batalion, Global Health Activist, Healingtalks Editor

(Healingtalks) Puzzled by the mass deaths of birds and fish in Alabama? It’s also happening elsewhere, across the Eastern and Southern U.S. and around the world — Gizmodo has a handy map of all the U.S. events.

The Activist Post offers some theories. Before you read them, however, bear in mind what Yahoo News has to say about the subject:

“Mass die-offs happen all the time and usually are unrelated … Federal records show they happen on average every other day somewhere in North America. Usually, we don’t notice them and don’t try to link them to each other …And there have been much larger die-offs than the 3,000 blackbirds in Arkansas. Twice in the summer of 1996, more than 100,000 ducks died of botulism in Canada.”

According to Naturalnews and its investigative reporting the death of over 4 million blackbirds has been the result of a USDA program called Goodbye Blackbirds! See related article below.  But the official media theories make no mention. Alex Jones provides evidence of further kept secret government activities implicated in at least of few of the recent die offs.

But here are the theories listed by the Activist Post:

  • Mainstream Explanations: These have included lightning, hail, mid-air collision, power lines, and New Year fireworks for the birds, and a disease for the fish. But this seems like a heck of a coincidence, and where are the roasted birds from a lightning strike?
  • Meteor showers: During this period of intense seasonal meteor shower, some people reported hearing sonic booms in the area that might have been an indication of a local shock wave.
  • New Madrid Fault Line: Could it be related to the recent earthquake activity along a fault line that runs along the mid-eastern section of the U.S.? Could it have dispersed pollutants into the water and atmosphere?
  • Government testing: Only certain species have been affected, but within the entire region. And some reports have indicated that the organs of the birds were liquefied — could this implicate species-specific bio-weapons?
  • GMOs: There are other die-offs are happening across other species, such as bees and bats. Some think they could be poisoned by genetically modified plants.
  • Geoengineering: Could spraying in the area have caused this?
  • HAARP: Both birds and fish navigate in highly coordinated ways. Could the HAARP array off in Alaska have short-circuited their navigation systems? Or is it the result of electromagnetic pollution for other human devices?
  • Scalar Weapons: Some wonder if the cause is directed energy beam weapons deployed via satellite.
  • Project Blue Beam: Another theory is a sound generator weapon.
  • Geomagnetic and other Earth changes: The magnetic pole is moving. Add to this a dwindling magnetosphere and falling oxygen levels, plus an increase in sun activity and magnetic storms.

Update: A Wisconsin lab has apparently determined that the birds, at least, died of blunt force trauma.


Was this normal?

If you’re following recent news reports you may well be aware of bizarre reports of birds falling from the sky and dead fish littering shores in various parts of the world, mainly in the US, but also in Canada, Sweden, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Japan, and other areas.

This interactive Google map contains 30 reports and within a span of a little over a week beginning  Dec. 2010. This is hardly normal. Birds and fish are like canaries in the coal mine, warning us of things going wrong.

Where they poisoned or infected? Thee was no sign and in the past two years something so mysterious has never happened, based on the data from the USGS National Wildlife Health Center.Three thousand Purple Gallinule and American Coots died between February and April of last year—from Avian cholera.

Six hundred snow geese also perished between February and March last year, due to lead poisoning. Some 200 robins, starlings and doves also died from suspected toxicosis. Mass bird starvations have also occurred, but that’s clearly not what we’re looking at present.

Botulism appears to be a primary culprit when it comes to mass die-offs of birds and bats, but so far, none of the current cases have been linked to either poisoning or infection. Here, short, mass die-offs without a toxic, viral or bacterial cause are NOT normal.

Mass Dying Reports

Among reports in the past the numbers of deaths are also usually less, like in the dozens. But recently here is what was reported:

Toxic algae bloom was found to be the culprit in the case of Lake Meredith, and the Vietnamese event was determined to be due a combination of water pollution and overcrowded fish pens, and the crabs may indeed have succumbed to cold water stress.However, something just doesn’t feel right when the mass media tell us that this is all ‘nothing out of the ordinary.’ There is a denial that we live in an age which brings about the death of nature.

Coverup goes on

Here are samples of official stories

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USDA found to be poisoning bird populations, causing mass die-offs involving millions of birds

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The incomparable Alex Jones suggests the cause of many mass die-offs without infections or obvious poisonings are tied to government testing:


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