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Everyone knows we’re created a non-sustainable condition for our environment.

Our planet is a global mess and something has to give or turn things around.

Key species, like honey bees, are dying.

The riches of natural ecologies like rain forests and coral reefs are being devastated or are dying.

Pollution is everywhere on the planet and within us. Human beings are certainly not immune from what is happening, and thus we are increasingly suffering from systemic and chronic health challenges.

But to do something, and effectively, requires knowing the root cause. Is that possible?

Here is my take on this very critical issue.

First I believe we must assume personal responsibility for this ecological mess on the premise that the cause is not “out there.”

Secondly, that means we need to look within at what is directing us to cause such damage to our environment and ourselves. Somehow if the outside world is a huge mess, our inner world must be comparably out of sorts or very poorly organized. If that is so, how exactly did this first come about?

I believe this has to do with certain deep cultural roots, beginning in ancient Greek times – and screwing up a best integration of our whole inner consciousness.

Remember we have main sides to our brain, one is skilled at conceptual languages and the other at seeing things in a raw and naked without the use of words. One tends to experience any consciousness of our world “connectively” and holistically, and the other oppositely. It is better at taking things apart or seeing things with separate and detailed precision.

Now let me propose it is not ata ll wise to make the latter side (takes-things-apart-with-precision side) dominant. That that indeed screws the whole of our consciousness up. Why? Because then we tend to take apart what most whole, ending up again with a huge mess. On the other hand if the other side is dominant, we can oppositely and with greatest skill reconnect to wholeness or heal what is most apart, asunder, ill, a mess or in shambles.

Which side then is dominant in our times and for the overall integration of consciousness?

I will argue it is the former thus making a mess or creating a non-sustainable environment. This is happening as we have gone actually to the greatest extreme of such left-brain dominance.

Words form ideologies and philosophies and so they can structure the whole of our consciousness and thereby direct our lives. The role of language here is critically important. If we now go back to Greek times we see that the Greeks did something very, very important to their language – influencing how we integrate our inner world in the west. It doesn’t seem like they did something dramatic at first sight, but indeed it was monumental from an inner point of view.

The Greeks simply added vowels to their language!

Why did that matter at all? What does this have to do with anything? How does it relate to our modern ecological crises?

My explanation is as follows.

Before they added vowels, the Greek language was read from right to left like the Hebrew was. Eye movements for reading from right-to-left is thought to be right-brain dominant – the connective over the separative.

Within about a hundred years of making this language shift, or after the adding of vowels which allowed each word to have a specific, isolated, and therefore disconnected/separative meaning,eye movements for reading changed! The inner consciousness was rewired. The Greeks suddenly read in a “boustrophedron” style or like an ox plows a field. Once vowels were added,  the average reader didn’t have to necessarily look at the whole context of a dialogue or written work to decipher what any given word meant!

Looking at the whole triggers the right brain’s functioning, not needing to do so triggers the left brain’s functioning coming to the foreground. Reading thus went back and forth (or right-to-left and from left-to-right alternatively) as if balancing out the too or consciousness appeared confused. It couldn’t make up its mind which way to dominantly go.

Then after about a hundred fifty years it finally settled on reading from left-to-right.

The use of language, as evidenced by the way it was read, became more left-brain dominant. The latter gained the controlling “upper hand.”

Lab testing has shown that individuals who are disabled by car accidents and the like to become right-brain damaged, and thereby severely left-brain dominant, will largely go insane or suffer from dementia. Patients with the opposite malady, or being more left-brain damaged but right-brain ok, will remain completely sane or oriented, but will have great trouble verbalizing things or explaining what they experience in precise detail. They also will have trouble drawing straight linear lines because their consciousness can’t sharply separate elements spatially! They are not likely to wear suits and work on Wall Street because their consciousness, as we used to say in the 1960’s, is “not straight.”

The significant Greek cultural/language shift came to a pinnacle expression during the Golden Age of Greece. This brought us the taproot foundations of western civilization’s whole worldview.

For a little more background, go to Part II.

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