We are grateful for volunteers from the International Institute for Cooperative Development who came to help with our organic gardens. Thanks to Ayaka from Osaka Japan, who is on her way to Zambia to do childrens aid work; to Hyuna from South Korea who is also going to Zambia to volunteer in an orphanage; and to Christina from Massachusetts who will soon fly to Angola.

Our gardens were expanded with extra organic soil, manure, peatmoss and compost. We made new raised beds and got more seeds ready for a later fall/winter crop of cabbage, collards, radicchio, and kohlrabi.  We added more tomato, pepper, eggplant, zucchini, red cabbage, okra and cucumber plants. We also added bottom-line fencing to help keep various critters from digging under the existing fence and eating our produce (as they managed to attack the broccoli in the last couple of days. This is a perennial challenge with organic gardens and farming. This is because so many life forms compete to get access to alive products of organic beds while chemicallized/bioengineered agriculture does not attract other life forms or the soil is life-stripped, deadened and poisoned.

We are glad Christina, Hyuna and Ayaka had a fun time and enjoyed the stay. We invite others to come, learn and  benefit from the Raw-Wisdom Community experience.

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