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10 Toxic Household Items Linked to Cancer | Healing Talks
Published On: Tue, Feb 26th, 2013

10 Everyday Items Linked To Cancer



10 Toxic Household Items In Your Home / HealingTalks


1) Common Household Products Associated with Cancer

Everyday scientists are associating commonly used products with cancer. While it may not be possible to eliminate all suspicious products in your life many alternatives exist that are more health conscious and better for the environment. The following are just a few of those everyday items which have shown themselves to be linked to an increased risk of  cancer:

2) Cancer  Linked  to Chemically-Laden Anti-antiperspirants?

Since these products stop you from perspiring, and thus detoxing via your sweat and at the same time may contain toxic chemicals, its a no-brainer that they may be linked to an increased risk of cancer. They stop the  body from purging toxin. This leads to accumulation of toxins in the lymph nodes resulting in high toxins concentration in the region below the arms. The accumulated toxins cause cell mutations resulting in tumors such as breast cancer.

3) Carcinogenic Toxins in Non-organic Coffee

Coffee is a popular beverage around the world. However it can contain class 2B carcinogen , chloroform, DDT and gasoline exhausts! Different studies have yielded different results with some showing some coffee bean use can increase cancer prevalence.

4) Cell Phone Use and Cancer

The issue on whether cell phones cause brain cancer has been a major controversy for years. In 2011 World Health Organization (WHO) gave a statement that indicated radio frequency electromagnetic fields such as cell phones had a link to cancer as they were possibly carcinogenic. They concluded that there was limited evidence but these gadgets could not be ruled out as a possible cause of brain tumors.

5) Alcohol Use and  Global Rate of Cancer

Frequent drinking of alcohol beverages can be associated with an increased risk of certain kinds of cancers, and especially since alcohol use can over time cause liver damage.  Actually 3.5 percent of cancer globally is attributed to alcohol consumption. This includes breast cancer, colon cancer in men, ovarian cancer as well as cancer of the mouth, stomach and liver.

6) Talcum powder’s Link to Cancer 

Within talc particles researchers have found traces of such substances as asbestos. Talc particles have been closely associated to tumors in the ovaries and lungs. Although FDA drafted a resolution in 1973 to limit the amount of asbestos-like fibers in cosmetic grade talc no changes were made to this product. Those who are concerned about talc powder can use com starch powder which is a safe alternative

7) Soft Drinks and Refined Sugar

Soft beverages are usually packed with refined sugar, it is common knowledge that carcinogens basically feed on sugar. Such beverages usually promote the formation and growth of tumors. It is common to use corn and beat sweeteners which are genetically modified and ingredients have been linked to a long list of health challenges.

8) Bubble bath with Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

Have you ever checked the label of your  bubble bath? Chances are that it contains a substance known as sodium lauryl sulfate. This substance eats away at the mucous lining of the skin apart from causing urinary tract infections. Using this product in the long term increases the risk of skin cancer.

9) Fried foods Clog Arteries

Fried foods clog up arteries preventing both the life nurturing and detoxing functions of the blood to help prevent and reduce the risks of cancer.

10) Animal Based Proteins More than  5% of Diet

According to the China Study, the most extensive nutritional study ever conducted and which the NY Times called the Grand Prix of all nutritional studies, a diet that is more than 5% animal protein based has a statistical link to higher rates of cancer.

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