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Published On: Wed, Aug 17th, 2011



Getting the Most

Natural Light

in a Small Space

By Contributing Author  Nan Gibbons

(Healing Talks) People who work from home and are also studying for an online degree tend to stay inside more and they may not be getting enough sunlight.

Need For Sunlight

Most of us underestimate the need for sun, but the truth is that our bodies need it to synthesize vitamin D. This vitamin is vital because it is a fat soluble that plays a role in bone density, regulates mood, and your immune system. Natural light is the best way for this to happen, but if we don’t get that, our bodies will pull from artificial light to process vitamin D; and it may not be enough.

Natural light is necessary!

We also need natural light in our homes, apartments and dorm rooms too. It can sometimes be a challenge to arrange things in order to allow natural light to come in. Take note of how things are arranged outside of your home, apartment or dorm. If you do not own your home, there may not be much you can do to the outside of the building to direct more sunlight in, but there are some things you can do from the inside to help it.

Bringing Sunlight Into Our Living Spaces

  • Rearranging Home Furnishings To Let in the Sun

Sometimes furniture blocks windows and it is a simple matter to move them.

  • Use Mirrors to Reflect the Sun

Using tilting mirrors will cause sunlight to bounce off of one area, and reflect on another. To do this you can set them up near the window from which you want more light. Push the top of one of the tilting mirrors up if sunlight is reflecting on your face, the other angled toward the floor. Place the third one across from the window and tilt upward slightly. The last one tilts higher to reflect the ceiling. This causes the light to diffuse and redirect. You can also place mirrors outside of the window as well.

  • Paint with a Sun-reflective Gloss Finishes

This  is another way to reflect natural light. Cover outside walls, fences, garage if possible to help to redirect sunlight.

  • Use The Solar Sun Jar and Moon Jar

These are relatively new products that hit the market with the solar conscious online student in mind. The sun jar captures natural sunlight and works as a good study lamp or book light. The moon jar is a night light. Both are in frosted jars, (the sun jar is warm colored orange or yellow LED, and the moon jar is in blue). The jars are powered by sunlight, so they must sit in direct sunlight to charge. There is no on and off switch, but rather the product is prompted by darkness in the room to come on. These jars can be found at Target or online at http://www.thinkgeek.com. Light diffused by the frosted jars gives the appearance of sunlight being emitted, or a cool moon glow (a warm colored LED light is used to give a more natural and warm light). You may notice that there is no switch on the Sun Jar – in fact there are no visible controls at all – but there is an override switch to turn it off, or to save battery life. The cost is relatively inexpensive.

  • Window Treatments to Let Sunlight In

If your desire is to direct sunlight into a kitchen area, you can rearrange your window treatments to make this happen. Putting the curtain rod midway on the window and covering the bottom half while leaving the top part open is a way to do that. You will still have your privacy and natural light, the best of both worlds.

If it is your dorm window or apartment window, single sheers will give layers without blocking light. Or use the long scarf panel to drape across the top of the window panel and flow down the sides. This does not block light from the glass, and gives the room an elegant look.
If you require more privacy, you may want to pull down your blinds and turn them upward. This directs light towards the ceiling, helping to light the room.

  • UV Windows

Uv windows reduce heat that comes into the home or dorm. They can significantly block UV radiation are and reduce fading in your furnishings concerns. Forty percent of furniture fading is due to UV radiation. Skin cancer is also generally traced to exposure to UV radiation.

So  let the sun shine in. 

There’s no excuse for not getting your vitamin D.

About the Author

Nan Gibbons is a fitness expert and marketer who loves traveling the world in order to provide consulting at sporting events. When  stateside, she enjoys spending time volunteering for environmental organizations as well as with her mixed lab, Cody.

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About the Author

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