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what is the most polluted place on earth

What is the most polluted region of our planet? There are a number of possible answers. It could be the underground oceanic terrain now being vastly polluted with BP oil. Or it might be the thousand-mile long stretch of the Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch. We could also list a number of major supertoxic waste sites. On a different front, Antarctica’s atmosphere has hugely concentrated chemicals that migrate globally to colder regions (as brought out by the groundbreaking book, Silent Snow). Then there is the area just north of the Russian city of Chelyabinsk. This has uniquely experienced three nuclear disasters. The list of other major candidates goes on.

Actually Blacksmith Institute publishes an annual Dirty Thirty list of the most polluted spots on the Earth.  They state on their website the following:

“Pollution likely affects over a billion people around the world, with millions poisoned and killed each year.  The World Heath Organization estimates that 25 percent of all deaths in the developing world are directly attributable to environmental factorsSome researchers estimate that exposure to pollution causes 40 percent of deaths annually.”

One “region” of our planet, however, is glaringly missing from Blacksmith’s list. I deeply believe it is the single most polluted arena of them all……Ready for this?….. It is the inner state of our minds or what our minds do to structure of our collective consciousness and way of relating to nature!  In that inner world of ours, imagine that pollution first manifests subtly before it takes physical form – and as a set of “illusions.” Illusion can be defined as a breakdown in the integrity of consciousness. For example, if a surface illusion (a mask or makeup or a dressing up of reality makes us think that something similar is deeply true… but it isn’t… there is a breakdown in the integrity of consciousness. Outer pollution breaks down the integrity of whole organisms. Are  inner breakdowns related to outer breakdowns of the physical integrity of life, to pollutions?  Are we creating the pollution that is now engulfing us externally because our minds have so far out of tune, or have been engulfed themselves by vast, deep and global illusions? What are these illusions? This is absolutely critical to know.

Nothing is more powerful and influential in influencing our world than our culturally-chosen core worldview. Each worldview is a way of integrating, bringing together or “making one” a perception of the world – and this is done using a chosen central paradigm. The oriental worldview is sometimes organized using the concepts of yin and yang. The western worldview is usually organized using the concepts of matter and energy defined mathematically. Is there something wrong with the latter perspective? Does it harbor any illusions? Are those illusions  possibly the root cause for the rapidly growing pollution of our planet? My answer to these three questions is a resounding yes.

In our times, and since the 17th century, we have seen the dominance of a math-based vision of nature – as catapulted to prominence by Sir Isaac Newton’s Principia Naturalis Mathematica - The Laws of Nature as Mathematical. This is the foundation for all of chemistry, physics, and biotechnology. This spins the quintessence of the modern vision of nature.

I can throw a rock at a sheetrocked wall, and it will simply smash a hole, the size of the rock, in the wall. However, if I alter an ingredient which makes up the entire wall, all of the wall is naturally impacted to its depths. Worldviews have such a universal impact, and obviously, because they are created out of the most universal ideas that then can seep into, and deeper and farther than anything else into the fabric of nature. This is a fact we forget, partly because we believe our worldview is not a worldview, but the worldview. It is supposedly not our culturally subjective creation but something that objectively and scientifically belongs to all of nature – and which we discover and uncover.  Newton, after all, discovered not “laws of nature viewed or seen as mathematical” but the mathematical laws of nature. Newton was thereby heralded as a near-god. One contemporary wrote of Newton that he knew more about the cosmos than all of humanity combined. Was this really true?

When Galileo began teaching that the earth was not at the center of the universe, many of others thought he was raving mad. He had challenged a conventional and very deeply-held paradigms, such as that only the Bible was the final authority on the cosmic structure of the universe. In Genesis it was written that the “stars were made to shine upon the Earth,” implying an earth-centered view. How dare Galileo, the upstart and fool, think otherwise – and because of some squiggles on a drawing board we call math symbols correlated to his new toy, a telescope! What an arrogant sacrilege. Besides, doesn’t the earth seem to stand dead still? Obviously no one felt the earth moving at vast speeds, getting us dizzy. Who would be so foolish and idiotic to think so. Nor was anyone falling off the edges of our planet – not a one!

What I am proposing is something similarly unimaginable and revolutionary and on a vast cultural level impacting ourselves and our planet. It is even more deeply illusion-breaking, in my opinion. I am proposing that the foundations of chemistry, physics and bioengineering, grounded in the mathematical worldview, do not collectively give us a depth-integral or objective vision of nature’s nature and that the illusion of that powerful view is what is most deeply and vastly polluting our world – and with ever increasing intensity and scope since the middle of the 20th century.

When I was a teenager attending high school, I managed to get the highest college-entrance-exam score in physics in my school. I think it was 772 out of a possible 800. I also thought the reason why I got less than a perfect 800 (as I had done twice in math college entrance exams), was because I failed to understand the clearer nuances of basics physics concepts. Later I learned those basic concepts were actually corrupt. They created a highly quicksand-like understanding. It would take many pages to explain why. Here let me share the core gist of this revolutionary view.

All symbols in our minds have a unique identity, and thus limitations in guiding our vision. This is because symbols are simply pointing tools – and nothing more when stripped naked. They are not inner gods magically revealing laws. To “point” consciousness is to isolate or separate something in our awareness. This creates awareness bias. Thus worldviews generally are not objective. What do math symbols point to and bias us towards – past all the foolish and arrogant cultural mythologizing of the 17th century? Math symbols uniquely point us to how we can or may best separate elements of consciousness. The number “one” in the field of counting plus the “point” in geometry are building block concepts. They represent universally separate wholes, the latter spatially and the former more universally. Is this the most appropriate symbolism for forming a coherent, sensible, rational, and non-illusionary worldview? In my mind, it is categorically not. One actually cannot connect a vision of nature with much integrity using the highest abstractions for how to separate all elements of consciousness. The end result will be vastly illusionary (and as intimated, physically polluting).  And it not the use of these symbols as such which is being questioned. We need saws to cut pieces of wood. We need symbols of separation to cut apart our perceptions. The more important question is, are they appropriate symbols, used as central paradigm builders. The answer, in my mind, is most definitively not – and the impacts on our environment and the healing arts are where this is felt the most. Why?

Imagine that at the core nature is the principle of life, not the mathematical laws of machines. Imagine that at the core of life, is consciousness. Lastly imagine that consciousness forms a universal relationship of connection in nature. What then would the adoption of the mathematical view accomplish or symbols that point systematically to the separation of all elements of consciousness? They would foster an undermining or corruption of the essence of consciousness. Again this manifests in what touches life.

Thus I am not surprised that modern medical science is baffled by the lack of any cure for consciousness illnesses (like Alzheimer’s or diabetes evidencing neuropathy) using chemical drugs; or that the great Sir Isaac Newton ended his life schizophrenic; or that Nobel Prize-winning physicists have likewise ended their lives with Alzheimer’s disease. Math symbols do not, by their very nature, direct us to the connective depths of nature. They do help us build atomic weapons. They also help us to make things mechanical ( in separate parts) and unconscious. How they foster pollution is a little more complicated but it is part of the same mix. Ultimately one cannot integrally connect consciousness using separative symbols. It is like trying to glue things together with a chainsaw or atomic bomb. The loss of integrity of vision leads us to vast illusions and these illusions externally and potently manifest as life-threatening pollution.

Here we are pointing with math symbols to what can be seen as an anti-thesis to what more truly binds nature connectively together. An antithesis relative to a thesis forms a reversal illusion. Reversal illusions are the most powerful of all illusions (as with the reversal illusion of helio and geocentricity). Thus there arises the ability to powerfully dissolve and undermine the integrity of ecologies all over our planet – and in a very close marriage with commercialism that fosters a similar consciousness. Making a massive shift away from the whole math-bound view is culturally revolutionary. It constitutes a Copernican-like revolution. This time it involves a re-revolving around a different inner rather than outer understanding. Ultimately we will never stop polluting nature and own bodies if we keep holding onto the very vision that is most responsible and causative. We will treat cancer that is caused by chemicals with yet more chemicals as in chemotherapy.h We will create green college campuses (with lawns not pesticide/herbicide sprayed or with more energy saving devises)  but will continue to teach courses in physics, chemistry and biotechnology as the dominant, core, and most objective understandings of nature. This illustrates how the changes we currently make, while valuable, can still be relatively superficial and thus not nearly enough to change our fundamental course from deep within. Therefore despite the existence of a growing alternative medical community as well as a potent environmental movement since the 1960’s, the destruction of species and the pollution of our bodies and planet have still sped forward – and in a way largely unimpeded but gaining steam. We have far more pesticides sprayed today on acres than at the time Rachel Carson first wrote Silent Spring.

As we heal our innermost vision we deeply heal ourselves and our surroundings. The greatest of healing begins thus from very deeply within and ultimately from the very core of our vision.


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