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This is a continuing of Part I which explains the greatest threat to our planet comes from within.

Understanding this threat involves a deep understanding of what is life and consciousness in nature. Try to ask a physicist or chemist what is “life” and you may not get a clear answer within the context of a math-based vision of nature. Thus imagine instead we look outside that quantified vision to find that life is really the concentrated presence of consciousness. To deepen this sense, we can watch the famous National Geographic film on Planet Earth. It showcases that the vast variety of living species on our planet all have one thing in common – an alive awareness of their surroundings and inner conditions. This is true whether we are talking about micro-organisms, ants or elephants and dinosaurs.

But this begs the question, what is this “consciousness” that defines life so universally? Imagine something extraordinary, that “consciousness:” could be the principle of CONNECTION itself in nature. What would happen then is the following.  Laws of nature, especially laws of cause and effect, or how event A connects or ties together with  event B in nature would ultimately have to be consciousness based.  The mathematical view, which claims to define the laws of nature and helps to create machines or bring out the mechanical could then be pointing to something other than that essence of both life and consciousness in nature. This is because math symbols very precisely abstract the SEPARATION of all elements of consciousness. Could that viewpoint then be moving our awareness away from, opposing or undermining the veru essence of consciousness and of life itself? This would happen only if a  math-bound application penetrated nature on deep levels – as chemistry and nuclear weapons do – and not merely via everyday salient measuring by a ruler or numbering or counting of things.

When we green the exterior of our school campuses, lets say by not using herbicides on lawns or by putting solar panels in place, hardly anyone ever hints that we much more urgently need to green our interior landscapes – most especially the core of our modern vision of nature itself, the mathematical/mechanical. Mathematics begins with the number one, the universal separate whole. We can count one thought, feeling, impression, widget, apple, person or “one” anything else. This has a potentially universal reach. Now if you apply a mathematical view on the surface of life, that application becomes appropriate and even positive. When you apply the same vision deeply, past the surface or superficial level and to  replace  consciousness-connective threads of life, you begin to threaten life on earth. Why? Because you are undermining the essence of life rather than objectively, as physics and chemistry claim, “discovering the laws of nature.” This happens not just here and there or haphazardly. It happens in a global or again universal way. This is exactly why the modern world is beginning to experience three main frontiers that threaten all of life – again atomic weapons, chemical pollution and bioengineering.  Subsidiary frontiers include the commercial development of raw land and also new nano-technologies.  The operating principles is the same – the attempt to dismember the consciousness-connected, living threads of nature.

That nearly 1/4th of all species on earth are threatened with extinction is a reality, and few seem to know why. Here we propose that the cause is inner and lodged at the very core of our collective inner life. Nature gave us obligingly a right and left hemisphere to see the world with and to tune into its dual or split consciousness. One can read many books on the traits of our split brain, but they essentially boil down to just two – one side of our brain expertly sees the universe in a more connective/holistic/intuitive way and the other in a more separative/reductionist/logical way (detailed, cut-apart, step-by-step). This amounts to what I consider a first duality of consciousness itself, defined by a moving away or to the underlying connective essence or oneness of consciousness.

Thus the mathematical view, not accidentally, is one of two pinnacle views. It brings our awareness to left-brain heights. If then we are solely left-brain dominant, it appears that a “structurally-separative reality” is the only true view of reality. The world appears to be made of separate physical objects, with the beginning and end points of separation defined using mathematics. Actually we need both sides of our brain to see whole and the right-brain dominant view is the better for this purpose. This means the mathematical view needs to become subordinate and recessive.

This is derivative of the fact that one cannot really connect anything unless something else is first separate. At the same time if something at hand is whole and needs to be separated it must first be so connected. Life and death, consciousness and unconsciousness, connection and separation are thus intertwined in some underlying oneness or continuum.  Now should we start with a knife or glue if our aim is to connect things together? The best way to bring elements of consciousness together is thus not via our sharpest, most precise consciousness separation tools. This is so obvious and yet missed. What this means, in common practice, is that we need our right brain (connective consciousness) to overall guide the healing or reconnection of our depths, and rather than separative consciousness which best guides a cutting apart of the same. This has profound and earth-shaking applications and implications, especially to anything impacting the sustainability of life and consciousness, its healing or non-healing, to its nurturing or destruction in ourselves and our environment.

At the core of our philosophy of raw-wisdom is thus a right-brain dominant orientation. Underneath the surface veils, we can experience a right-brain seen and connected ocean of consciousness. This is an alternative to a universe seen (per physics, chemistry and biotechnology) as math-defined in terms of again separate matter plus energy (with “energy” often defined via various releases through disintegration of matter. An example of the latter in the modern worldview is the result of an engine’s combustion or the burning of calories within living cells). Imagine on a deeper level the principles of life and consciousness rule, forming the core laws of nature – and not principles of mechanicality, death. machine-parts-quantification are what we need to focus on. For when you cut any living organism apart it dies. When we dismember a whole living ecology, like a rainforest, the same happens. Life dies. When you disassemble a car, by contrast, you can still put the car back together again to operate, to “live” mechanically. Universalizing the mechanical view is thus something not well-taken in a living environment. For as we ever more universalize that mechanical orientation, we really can materialize death all around us and within. This is why, I believe, we now experience ever growing species extinctions as well as epidemics of “consciousness illnesses”- like diabetes with neuropathy, or cancer with unfelt metastasis, or Alzheimer’s disease with a disconnected mind and absent awareness.

It is not easy to extricate ourselves from the more dire conditions of modern living. However we can extricate ourselves inevitably via a deep inner approach to these crises and challenges. This refers to making a global or universal mind change, one that ultimately involves a shift from a death-centered to a life-centered vision of nature. In its details this Healingtalks blog may appear mostly to be about replacing allopathic medical approaches with holistic and organic ones. But in its core essence it is also about a shift in worldviews which heals first our collective consciousness or vision – offering the most practical, enlightened and powerful ways to essentially bring life and consciousness out of the bosom of nature (including physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually) – and to ever higher levels for the well-being  of each other and our planet.

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