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Michelle Obama Used to Be Organic | Healing Talks

Michelle Obama Used to Be Organic

Michelle Obama used to be organic

Michelle Obama

used to be organic

Nathan Batalion, Global Health Activist, Healingtalks Editor

(Healingtalks) When Michelle Obama first entered the White House, she wished to share her spirited persona – her style, beliefs, and pet projects. This included growing an organic garden with children and in order to inspire a connection with deeper nature as well as to help a nearby food bank. Not since Eleanor Roosevelt grew a Victory Garden at the White House during World War II had a First Lady again tilled that soil. But it was the first time the garden was distinctively postured as organic, thereby “breaking new ground.”

Ms. Obama teaching a lesson to children

The intention of Mrs. Obama was simply to educate children about growing their own pure, unadulterated whole food – and at a time when the opposite, or processed foods contributed and were causing an epidemic of obesity and diabetes in the United States.  This was a valuable lesson in nutrition and growing food to high and pure standards. The Obama White House garden was grown organically and using the methods of farming this country has used for centuries to yield the most nutrition and “clean” foods to Americans.

Setting an inspiring example

- with the whole family involved

The garden was 1,100 square feet, and 23 children from Bancroft Elementary School from Washington D.C., helped her dig the garden and plant the vegetables near the Obama swing set. Barack Obama, the President promised to pull the weeds when necessary and even Michelle’s mother was involved as a supervisor. Michele Obama broke the ground with her own foot, tilled the soil with the children to produce a magnificent garden that yielded fresh, organic and non-pesticide food for her own First Family. Many Americans were inspired because they naturally prefer produce that is locally grown – the way it was a century ago in usually extended-family and small farm settings.

Big Ag and the chemical/GMO industry didn’t see it that way

Quickly, the lobbyists went to work to stop our President’s wife’s blasphemy and they have successfully silenced her – stopping her forever for uttering the following most verboten  or banned and banished words:
  • Organic Food
  • Organic Gardening
  • Pesticide-Free Food

The lobbyists correctly instructed Michelle Obama instead to use the term:

  • Crop protection food products” – with Round Up, Monsanto GMO seeds and non-traditional chemically agriculture being more essential.

Why Mrs. Obama grew her “nasty” garden

Mrs. Obama noticed the family was eating too much processed foods so that her girls, Sasha and Malia, were gaining weight. Then her pediatrician advised her to have them move away from eating junk foods – those that included excessive salt, sugar and fat.

But Mrs Obama succumbed to “better” advice from political forces

Her family needs soon became secondary to the required political messages enforced by lobbyists who  pay big mullah to elect politicians. They silenced her misguided zeal about organic gardening.

Who pulls the puppet strings in Washington, DC.

This so dramatically illustrates the reigning power of lobbyist in the Obama administration. So does the fact that Obama hired Tom Vilsack, a hard-core supporter of GMOs, to head of the USDA.

Michelle should have known better!

Though Mrs Obama caved to lobbyist, she long ago should have known better . Having a nation of healthy children is not what the pharmaceutical industry has in mind for American – especially if the children start out in life to learn such healthy, organic nutrition lessons. The resulting good health would bankrupt the industry’s game. It would put thousands of chemists out of work, adding the the nation’s already strained unemployment roster.
One of the greatest “successes” of the Big Pharma industry  is seeing 1 in 4 children regularly taking medical drugs. They are not ingesting organic foods – come on now, what a yuk idea! From a business point of view,  half of all teenagers in America wonderfully suffer from some chronic illnesses that needs treatment – like diabetes, obesity and the four A’s, asthma, allergies, autism, and attention deficit disorder. The statistics have doubled over the last 30 years and so have the profits. We don’t want America to go backwards now, do we ? A whole nation shifting to a nutrient rich diet would play havoc with the great gains of pharmaceutical stocks on Wall Street.

Mrs Obama’s dangerous and maverick project thus had to be stopped

Michelle Obama must have been taking hallucinogens when she said: “You can begin in your own cupboard by eliminating processed food, trying to cook a meal a little more often, trying to incorporate more fruits and vegetables.” (2009) The First Lady was thus chastized  and corrected by the biggest agriculture corporations. Michele Obama’s garden first yielded 80 pounds of vegetables from seeds before Ms Obama yielded to lobbyists.

The Obama Obama’s infamous organic garden- shame on her!

Whose telling our government what best to do

Mid America CropLife Association (MACA) and organization that lobbies for the pesticide and Big Ag industry sent Mrs. Obama a letter to instruct her about living in a different world than our grandparents. It advised her that their lifestyle was not what most Americans want anymore.

Mrs Obama had to be “set right”

The First Lady should fall in line and serve her family only pesticide-rich foods to promote a future population suffering from cancer and other high-maintenance systemic illnesses. Corporate profit interests must, after all, come first – far before health, safety, eating nutritious foods. Thus Mrs Obama had to be “set right” by MACA. This same group represents Monsanto, Dow AgroScience, Dupont Corporation and so on. The fact that Michelle Obama did not use pesticide-sprayed seeds at all, and did not need to spray chemicals on her plot shows she needs some  serious “re-education.” The group advised her not ever to use the word organic or to promote organic gardening in any way.

Better living through chemistry

One shouldn’t believe that pesticides or pesticide-sprayed seeds, plants, foods, and processed foods containing GMOs all are linked to cancer, cardiovascular disease,  and birth defects. Rather we should follow the greater leadership of Tom Vilsack  –  a former defense lawyer for Monsanto. We should applaud that Vilsack was named Secretary of Agriculture by the Obama administration and  for reasons not of influence peddling by big agriculture and campaign donations – but because it was the right thing to do.

Obama’s “wisdom” and trying to be with the times stretches only so far

Obama’s wisdom apparently guides him to keep his doors wide open to corporate interests, and so much so they even dominate the kind of garden his wife is allowed to grow and what ends up in his kitchen cupboard or on his dinner plate.If we can force people to have vaccinations, this doesn’t see like such a bad thing.
Still hush, hush, the Obamas are not perfect.
Sometimes they indulge themselves and dine out at an organic restaurant.

Its a private secret.

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