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The 10 least environmentally friendly companies | Healing Talks | Healing Talks
Published On: Sat, Jan 12th, 2013

The 10 least eco-friendly companies in America

10 least eco friendly companies
The 10 least environmentally friendly companies in America

By Phanuruch

(HealingTalks) Companies that scored low on environmental matters, or as the least eco-friendly companies, are the usual suspects involved in predictable industries such as food, energy, beverages and raw materials. Below are some of the worst companies in America:


 Allegheny Technologies

This company has faced several penalties for flouting various environmental regulations. As a result of its excessive emissions in their Natrona mill, the company was fined $1.6 million and ordered to shut down the facility.

 Peabody EnergyPeabody Energy

The company is engaged in coal mining and does not disclose its global green house emissions or seek to reduce its carbon footprints. According to available data, it does not provide annual data on key performance indicators on issues such as air emissions, hazardous waste, and water affluence.

AES Energy Storage

In spite of some evidence that the company has environmental management system in place it has been fined for flouting various environmental regulations including the Clean Water and Air Acts in recent times. At the same time, residents close their production claim that the company discharged coal byproducts that caused birth defects among the local communities. The Sao Paulo State Environmental Authorities have also accused the company of compromising the indigenous vegetation. Even with all these accusations, AES provides little information, thus making it one of the worst companies in America.


Monsato has been accused of lacking transparency in reporting on some environmental issues. Although its CSR report is compliant with Level C GRI guidelines this information has not been externally verified. The company produces genetically modified herbicides and crops which are usually associated with environmental contamination.

consol energy
Consol Energy

Consol Energy’s reports on environmental issues are limited and less than satisfactory. The company has a CSR report but it fails to reveal formal programs for green house gas emissions. Consol claims that its emissions fall within 1 and 2 scopes but it does not provide any credible history to link such information with meaningful year to year comparisons. The company has an ongoing lawsuit related to its operational impact on the environment in America.

Ralcorp Holdings

The company offers very little information concerning its environmental impact on the official website. There is hardly any evidence to show that it has environmental management systems and policies throughout its plants. It lacks sustainable packaging activities, supplier improvement systems, industry-wide agriculture programs and fleet emission management systems.

tyson foods Tyson Foods

Although this company has initiated some activities to address key environmental issues such as waste, water, and emissions it is yet to disclose formal programs and reduction targets.The company has been involved in a lawsuit where Oklahoma claimed that its poultry litter contaminated the local watershed.

T. Rowe Price Group

This financial group is accused of not disclosing detailed information about its company-wide environmental policies. It has also been accused of having programs that fall short of best environmental practices. Although the company ‘s report claims it has made great strides in reducing carbon footprints, credible sources say that its greenhouse gas emissions shot up between 2008 and 2011.

cf industries
CF Industries

CF Industries is involved in manufacturing and distribution of fertilizer products making it a significant producer of greenhouse gases. Unfortunately, the company has consistently failed to disclose or give accurate details about water use, hazardous waste generation and air emissions.

Black Rock

This financial institution has an environmental disclosure policy that is considered as poor, thus earning it a place among the worst companies in America. It does not publish credible CSR report nor makes public disclosure about its Carbon Project survey response. Black Rock has been accused of lagging in disclosing details about its management of assets that are considered as responsible investments.

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