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Amazing video: How this raw vegan lifestyle brought her “back from the dead”

(Healingtalks) If you ever had doubts about the power of this profound lifestyle change, you MUST see this video. Amanda Johns is a most amazing and beautiful woman, so very wise for her age.  Related articles Why More...

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Raw Living Food Recipes: Raw Dehydrated Salad

Raw Living Food Recipes Dehydrated Salad Philosophy of Linking Nutrition To Raising Consciousness Befoer getting into my raw living food recipe for a dehydrated salad, let me say a few words on my overall More...


Why turn to a raw food diet?

Ann Wgmore advocating a raw food diet        Why turn to a raw food diet? by Nathan Batalion, PhD, Naturopath, Triathlete (HealingTalks)I would like to answer the question, why it is so beneficial to our health More...

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Healthy raw food choices

Healthy raw food choices instead of convenience foods Nathan Batalion, Phd, Naturopath, Triathlon (Healingtalks)  Healthy raw food choices can be made in everyday life avoiding the much outnumbered, mass-produced, More...

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Raw organic living foods at the supermarket

Raw organic living foods at the supermarket Nathan Batlion, PhD, Naturopath, Triathlete (Healingtalks) On a trip to the supermarket, we can find raw organic living foods easily. and at the same time we can avoid More...

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