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Visit & Volunteer | Healing Talks

Visit & Volunteer


 Would You Like

To Visit

& Volunteer?

You Can Become More Than A Virtual Part Of Our Healing Community

  • Gain valuable experience.
  • Discover the power of nature within
  • Gain knowledge of healing modalities


From the Desk of Nathan Batalion:

“We are a raw-vegan community-in-formation. We are also a branch of the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center of Dr. Gabriel Cousens. The cooperative community lifestyle calls us because it is more healing. At present we need volunteers and resident members with a variety of skills (organic gardening, sustainable building, housekeeping, web-work) and inspirations. Contact us about visiting, volunteering or living in our community.

We currently manage 13 properties, some with 100+ acres,  and would like to convert these into community residences. The community has one property under renovation that can be a shared healing center, has co-founded another healing facility near Albany, and maintains a community organic garden.

We help sponsor raw potlucks as well as on-going educational events for the general public. We look forward to sharing our inner and outer wealth with like-minded, industrious and inspired spirits – those who are into transforming themselves and our culture (and whether raw-vegan or transitioning to more healthy, spiritual, and intentional community lifestyle).

We are located in Oneonta, New York—in the center of New York State—nestled within the Catskill Mountains region and along the Susquehanna River. It is only 3 hours from New York City, 4 from Philadelphia, and 6 each from Boston and Washington, DC. If you are planning to come to the Northeast, don’t miss a visit to us.”

For More Information Contact Us HERE.

If you are serious about coming to visit and volunteer, you can print and fill out the form below to provide us with more information.

For Prospective



Date  ______/___/___

Period/Dates Requested to Visit or Stay?_____________________________________________


Name   ___________________________   Age/Gender  _________ 

Address  __________________________  __________________, ____________   Zip ______
Phone: ____________________________  Cell:___________________Fax:  _____________________


Other Family Member(s)/Relationship(s)/Ages __________________________________________
(If over the age of 18 please fill out separate forms)

Email: _______________________________


How You Heard About Us?  ________________________________  

Any Sponsor ? ________________


Community Experience & For How Long ?






What Inspires You To Live In Community?



What more specifically attracts you to the Raw Wisdom Community? 



Special Requirements/Needs?


Do You Have Any Medical (Physical or Mental) Condition or History, Disability, That Needs To Be Monitored Or We Should Be Aware Of?



Special Skills/Talents/Work Experience/Passions/Languages?





What Would You Like To Do To Best Use Your Skills Or Accomplish While Living In Community?






What Would You Like To Most Learn While Living In Community?




Recommendations  –  Please specify any special accommodations needed? (e.g. we’ve had hypo-allergenic volunteers, some who bring pets with them, etc.) Are you willing to share a room?



Any dietary considerations/preferences important to you? If so, please detail.




2) ___________________________________________________________________________________

Please attach any other information you think might be helpful, including resume, CV, bio, sample work, website address, etc.


During your stay at the Raw Wisdom community we would love you to dedicate yourself as selflessly as possible to the higher ideals and service that is our lifestyle.  Kindly come here in a most heart-centered way.

While here you are expected to be honest, faithful, humble, and to come in an open learning mode.  No drugs or alcohol are allowed, except organic wine for rare spiritual ritual use. If you are on medications, we will encourage you to communicate with your health services provider to find ways to wean away from all medications. We advocate an organic lifestyle that goes deeper than  the usual, reaching all the way into our core essence….

Thus when you are here you will have the opportunity to learn about our very unique “life-and-consciousness-centered vision of nature. Therein consciousness is viewed as nature’s universal relationship of connection. This is reflects nature being universally one and is rooted in what is life, not death/ mechanicality in nature. Thus consciousness manifests at the core of life – so that living foods, living vibrantly in community life all fit in to one whole picture.

This is wherein further we strive to then live in joy, harmony, light,  peace, spiritual redemption and with love in community (rather than in fear, anger, envy, selfishness, etc) so that we are truly amongst ourselves at one and at one also with the bosom of Mother Nature.

We encourage you to practice meditation, yoga, tai chi, chi gong, and other forms of spiritualizing exercises during your stay – whether individually or in groups.

Our approach is in contrast, and to help uplift others out of the shadows of our present sterile, unconscious, depleting, polluting, de-spiritualizing, death or extinctions promoting and threatening modern, industrial-commercial society. The latter’s  spiritual roots are embedded with the math-based (math symbols abstract universal separation, the exact opposite of the essence of consciousness and life), the atomic vision and wherein we function instead like separate unconscious automaton atoms, each in our own personally-isolated or disconnected world or competing against each other for profit and many times with exploitations, deceits, and all manner of means to get us bound and addicted to that destructive/degrading lifestyle.

So come open to live, feel and think in a different and uplifting way.

During your stay you are expected to follow a vegan or plant-based diet (no meat or fish flesh, dairy, or eggs) and which is at least 80% or more living food. Living food is more than just raw food (a double negative, something not harmed by fire, which is a superficial positive). Raw food can include dead fish uncooked but decaying, absent of life. We use more of optimal living foods, water soaked, sprouted, and otherwise exposed to and retaining life-giving forces of nature.

We especially promote indoor gardening of sprouts and micro-greens.

In exchange for room, board, and the lifestyle education you receive at no cost, we expect you to dedicate a minimum of 30 hours a week (such as 6hrs for 5 days or 8 hours 4 days) to our community projects (gardening, construction, networking/events planning, office and Web-work). This still allows for part-time work either in the community (budget allowing) or outside the community for spending cash, if needed.

This does not count time spent for general cleaning and meal preparation one would normally do at home when not at work.

Inspirational life-centered quote:

In everything that is life is the law written.

“You will find it in the grass, in the tree, in the river, in the mountain, in the birds of heaven, in the fishes of the sea; but seek it chiefly in yourselves…. For I tell you truly all living things are nearer to God…God so made life and all living things…to teach his law.

God wrote …the laws…in your heart and in your spirit…There are present in the air, in the water, in the earth, in the plants, in the sunbeams, in the depths and in the heights. They all speak to you that you may understand the tongue and the will of the living God”

Essene Gospel of Peace – Book One

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