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Write For Us | Healing Talks

Write For Us


Writer Guidelines For HealingTalks.com


I -Topics

Our site emphasizes original, quality, and unique content that spans the topics listed below. It’s purpose is to gather data and knowledge to report, educate, and inform – rather than to promote any personal agenda, stories of a personal nature, selling, or expressions of opinionated views. To be unique, the article cannot be web-published elsewhere or be in print before it is posted to HealingTalks.com. Articles are expected to accepted at our sole discretion if newsworthy, well-written, and fits within the scope of our current trends and view points.

  • Natural Healing - This emphasizes the  reversing of personal conditions from A-Z or maintaining of good health using nutrition, detoxification, exercise and mind/body work without resorting to drugs, surgery, radiation therapy, or genetic modification. Articles can include research, advisory, and inspirational materials.
  • Sustainable Living – This involves the overall long-term living in healing harmony with surrounding nature, respecting and not destroying the precious resources we have. Articles may include the promotion of organics, permaculture, and alternative energy.
  • Sociopolitical, Environmental News & Activism –  This highlights what is happening with the transformations of our planetary culture and environment to affect our health and healing including our society and planet. Activism topics will emphasize not only the news of what is happening but how to make a change for the better.

II -Things To Avoid

  • Selling - Promoting a specific product or linking of your article to a product sales page, landing page, opt-in page, or other type of product sales page is strictly prohibited. Give general advice, avoiding specific brand names when possible.
  • Offering Personal Experiences & Opinions - Writing in the first person, about a personal experience, or offering an opinion rather then documented research material for readers to evaluate.
  • Promoting Allopathic Health Solutions - Offering solutions that emphasize the use of drugs, surgery, radiation, and / or gene manipulation

III -Writing Formats

Please follow the guidelines below when submitting your articles to us:

  • Title - Include a verb in the title and ideally make it keyword rich, concise, and grabbing of the readers’ attention.
  • First Paragraph – This should be a summary paragraph that introduces the whole gist of the article. All ideas in the title should be included in the first paragraph, answering the main questions on what the article is about. Always take into consideration the Who, What, When, Where, How, and Why.
  • Easy To Read - The article should be geared for popular reading by the general public – and should thus not be overly technical. When possible, consider shorter sentences and paragraphs with single spacing. You can also help improve readability by grouping paragraphs under sub-headings.
  • Voice - Third person, formal news reporting.
  • Word Count – Articles should be a total of 350 – 600 words in length. This is a strict guideline and articles that do not meet this criteria will be rejected.
  • Sources - At the end of your article, list 3 or more sources that are cited.
  • Fully Edited - When finished writing, make sure to review your article and make sure it is thoroughly edited and ready to be published prior to submission. Often it will help to read the article out loud to yourself or another person, catching missed lapses in grammar, spelling or the coherent flow of content.

The Chicago Manual of Style is a great editing reference guide.

Visit: http://www.chicagomanualofstyle.org/tools_citationguide.html


IV -Optional Posting Suggestions

The following posting format suggestions are OPTIONAL. You need not add these elements, but if you do it helps to cut down on our work and makes it quicker and easier to get your content posted onto our site.

Our main page offers a wide variety of options and examples for article suggestions.

  • Pictures – You can help us by suggesting a picture and video to attach to your article page. Your image should be sized at 500 x 450 pixels and in .jpg  or .bmp format (jpeg or bit map). You may also use .gif format if you wish. Your pictures should not be labeled as a stock photo or contain copyright watermarks to preserve the quality and integrity of our site. Generally, it’s a good idea to include your images above the article content and below the heading or title of your article.
  • Videos – At the end of each article we add a corresponding video. This helps engage the reader and provide extra content for exploration. All videos must be submitted either a YouTube video link or embedding code that can be found on the YouTube video page under the share button.
  • Keywords – We include keywords at the end of our articles that may or may not be included in your article but are relevant to the topic you are writing about. Such keywords help Google and other Search Engines find your article when a visitor is searching for a specific topic on the web. Large traffic keywords are too difficult to compete with and so we suggest using keywords that have 100,000 or less traffic ranks in a given month. The keywords should be highlighted in bold text commas in between. For Example – Keywords: Genetic Engineering, gmos, genetic crops.

  • Resources - In addition to listing sources to backup any made statements in your article, you can also provide links to related resources. For example, an article on Genetic Engineering can offer an activism site to visit./’
  • Your Bio – Contributing authors are encouraged to submit a bio that is 2-3 sentences long. We allow for anonymous names, especially for whistle blowers, dissidents, and other at risk individuals. Remember that any information you provide is made public to our audience thus use good judgement with the type of information you wish to share. The protection of your privacy including the information that you provide is very important to us.
  • Keyword Tags – We tag exact words and phrases in each article, which then are usually highlighted in bold or italics text. Proper single words do not make good for good keyword tags – such as “diet.” We encourage all writers to use specific phrases or more technical terms such as – weight-loss diet.    

V -How To Submit Your Article

  • READY TO SUBMIT – After following the guidelines provided on this page and your article is written and edited, you’re ready to submit your material to our editor staff.
  • FORM – Fill out the form at the bottom of this page, along with your article, and we will contact you if / when your article is published on our site.
  • PROCEDURE – Please note that we cannot guarantee that your article will get published. We review each article submitted for clarity, accuracy, and quality. All materials published on our site is completely discretionary of our editing staff. Content that does not meet our quality standard do not get published. This strict guideline is enforced to upkeep the integrity of our site and to provide to our readers the highest quality content.



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