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Writings, Exhibits, Speaking Engagements, Recordings, Publicity, and Other Marketing | Healing Talks

Writings, Exhibits, Speaking Engagements, Recordings, Publicity, and Other Marketing

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  • 50 Harmful Effects of Genetically Modified, Web-published book (has been read by over a million people on multiple sites. Currently housed at www.raw-wisdom.com whose counter has 1.1 million visitors, 2/3rds of whom have been, according to Google Analytics, coming to read this book.
  • Genetic Roulette, published in Earth Times, April/May Issue. This title pre-dates Jeffrey Smith’s publication of a book with the same name. Jeffrey is the leading GMO activist worldwide and shared the podium with him.


  • Changing Our Vision of Nature On the Threshold of a New Millennium – Presented at the Seventh International Communal Studies Conference of ICSA, Zegg Community, Belzig, Germany.
  • Photographic Right/Left Brain Ways of Seeing Nature Presented at the Seventh International Communal Studies Conference of ICSA, Zegg Community, Belzig, Germany, $1,500 Grant for exhibit from Hartwick College.


  • Holistic Resource List – prepared for Fox-Care Cancer Care Center, Oneonta NY.
  • How to Form and Successfully Run a Support Group – Support Group Resources, prepared for Delaware County, NY Career Coalition.
  • Gurdjieff’s Enneagramatic View – A Path to Superseding Modern Physics’ and Chemistry’s Understanding of Nature. Published in the proceedings of All & Everything Conference – 7th Annual Humanities conference, Bognor Regis, West Sussex, United Kingdom. Abintra Books, 2002.
  • Response to Ken Liberman’s Essay – Reprise: The Emerging Discourse at the Meeting of the International Association of Environmental Philosophy. Published in Call to Earth – The International Journal for Environmental Philosophy.
  • Recent Food Related Impacts of Genetic Engineering (Macro-Vegan Club – Hartwick College presentation).
  • In Defense of Otsego County Biotech Moratorium Resolution (Otsego County, NY).
  • On the Importance of the Genetic Engineering Issue (Green party Social, Oneonta).
  • Why the Rest of the World is Laughing at US (Hartwick College).
  • You Are What you Eat – A Community Forum on Genetically Engineered Foods (Hartwick College).
  • Genetic Engineering and Our Food (Oneonta Unitarian Universalist Church).
  • Genetically Engineered Foods – Promises vs. Reality (Cooperstown, NY Forum).
  • Third Party Alternatives in the November Election (Hartwick College).
  • Inner Healing Journey – recorded guided deep relaxation/healing meditations composed in the rainforests of Costa Rica; accompanying music by Steven Halpern.


  • Chilling Trends in Genetic Violence. Published Sierra Atlantic, Vol. 30, Winter Issue.
  • Non-sustainability and the Math-Based Vision of Nature – presented at the International Association for Environmental Philosophy conference, Boston MA.
  • The Phenomenology of Aphasic, Autistic and Pre-Verbal Metaphysics. Pro-seminar, Binghamton University.
  • Lecture on Intentional Communities, Sustainability Lecture Series at Hartwick College.
  • Film presentation and lecture. Visions of Utopia, Hartwick College


  • Secrets of Health and Vitality – 5 month course given in Oneonta, N.Y.



  • Naturolism: Seeing the Organizing Principles of Life & Consciousness at the Depth Core of Nature – Rather Than What Is Robotic/Mechanical/Mathematical: Poster Display at Towards a Science of Conscious Conference, University of Arizona. http://www.consciousness.arizona.edu/2008PosterSession.htm.
  • Most Important Insights About Consciousness, ASSC 2008 Conference – Taipei.” Poster presented at the annual meeting of Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness, Taiwan http://www.theassc.org/ poster_sessions. Poster Session II, Taipei, Taiwan, June 21, 2008.


  • 50 Harmful Effects of Genetically Modified Foods published by major alternative news and health sites of www/Rense.comand www.Mercola.com
  • Summary of The China Study E-book offered on Raw-Wisdom website.
  • Central NY Healing, Organic, Veg & Raw, Learning Meetup – Organized and conducted local meetups. http://www.meetup. com/Central-NY-Healing-Veg-Raw-Wisdom-Meetup/ members/717332/.
  • Genetically Modified Foods – Presentation and recording at the Raw Food Festival in Washington, DC.
  • Seven Waves of Healing . Powerpoint. Presentation, Raw Food Group, Waltham MA
  • Organics Presentation - Oneonta Farmer’s Market
  • Dangers and Risks of Genetically Modified Foods – Rhio Raw Radio Interview, NYC.
  • Memories of Dr. King, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemoration at SUNY State College, Hunt College Union.
  • Set up YouTube Channel, http://youtube.com/user/ shiningstarmiracles.com- 219 subscribers, 144,000+ views. Originally produced 218 videos with Melinda Elliott.
  • Met with Dr.Gabriel Cousen’s at Tree of Life to discuss collaborations, set up branch in Oneonta.
  • Setup new website www.healingtalks.com; wrote 800 blog posts since..
  • Hosted Matt Monarch and Angela Stockes of Raw Food World to speak in Oneonta, NY.
  • EXPO Booths

o   Weight Loss Expo – Kingston, NY o   Sarasota Springs Vegetarian o   Awakening Expo – Westchester, NY o   NYC Raw Food & Yoga o   Body, Mind and Spirit – Philadelphia 2010

  • Recorded 14 interviews of Sprouting Experts; filmed additional interviews at Hippocrates Health Institute and Sproutman talk.
  • Booth at Boston Veg Expo
  • Led Veg Head Meetups and scheduled Pot Lucks
  • Met with Alex Grey, famous artist, to discuss collaborations



  • Exceeded a million page views on our websites.www.healingtalks.com and www.raw-wisdom.com.   Got highest international ranking of being among top 189,000of all websites on Alexa internationally; top 34,000 sites in the US.


  • Booked booth for New Life Expo in NYC and gave health talk
  • Ran 6 half marathons and 27 road running races. Ranked in 20 of those races for my age group.
  • Hosted talk by Brian Clement of Hippocrates Institute in Albany NY.


  • Truth About GMOs – organized forum with Jeffrey Smith, leading international activist and Drs. Robert Young, Jameth Sheridan; Lectured and moderated forum at Raw Living Expo in Sedona, AZ.http://rawlivingexpo2013.sched.org/ speaker/batalionn#.U7yS6rE2K88.
  • Sprouting course taught at local Huntington Library, Oneonta, NY
  • Initial draft of Phd Dissertation.
  • Thanksgiving - Organized raw-living food local community dinner.


To Be Scheduled

  • Albany Radio Show and Publicity Plan for Book, $300 deposit paid
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